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Donald R. Getty K-9 School will be served by a variety Edmonton Transit routes. 

Additionally  parents drive, walk and bike with their children to our school. We also have a student dropzone and this is, quite simply, the safest location to allow students to disembark from your vehicles. Please observe all signage and parking patrol personnel in and around Donald R. Getty K-9 School.


Visit Edmonton Transit System (ETS) for information about ETS routes to Donald R. Getty K-9 School.

Students who use ETS transportation to travel to Donald R. Getty may purchase a monthly bus pass at the school office.

ETS Fees

Elementary students - $30.00 per month or $240.00 per year

Junior High students -  $55.00 per month or $470.00 per year

In the event a monthly ETS bus pass is lost or stolen, a replacement pass is $73.00.