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School Handbook

The school handbook is presently under development and will be added here in the months ahead.

However, please note the following:

Academics: Donald R. Getty K-9 School is dedicated to high levels of achievement. The staff of Donald R. Getty embrace that the purpose of our school is to help all students learn at high levels.

Staff are committed to ensuring that all students learn essential knowledge, skills and attitudes that will prepare them for success in the 21st century.

This focus will be evident in every aspect of our school culture, as staff will continually examine evidence of student learning and identify interventions and extensions necessary to ensure all students find success.

Physical Fitness: Fitness and athletics play an important role in the education of all students. Donald R. Getty School staff are committed to ensuring that students have every opportunity to develop their physical skills. This will be evident not just in commitment to sport, but in a commitment to physical activities and attitudes that will result in a life-long commitment to health and wellness.

Citizenship: Teaching citizenship is more than just highlighting character education traits. Donald R. Getty School staff and students are dedicated to teaching and learning essential life skills that include respect, leadership,  accountability, adaptability, initiative, cross-cultural skills, responsibility, problem-solving, communication, creativity and team work.