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Please think safety before convenience!

Parking can be difficult at DRG especially first thing in the morning and again at the end of the day.   We ask for you attention and patience when parking at the school to take time to ensure the safety of our students.

For the safety of all OUR neighborhood please:
* Use drop off zone is for student to be dropped off or picked up promptly 
* PARKING for parents is ONLY allocated across from the school (staff parking is NOT to be used for drop off and pick-up)
* Please USE CROSSWALKS on the way to and from school
* Watch for staff directing traffic
* Please Observe the WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE parking as we do have students that use it
* Please Observe that DRG has a BUS ZONE directly in front of the school

Your cooperation on these matters is vital.  We share with you a desire to create a safe environment of the DRG neighborhood.