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Program Information

Every student is unique, with different strengths and challenges. District schools provide a range of environments to support all students in their learning and to help nurture their emotional, mental and physical well-being.  At Donald R. Getty K-9 School we will support all students based on their individual learning needs.


Kindergarten programming supports students in building important skills and behaviours in an inclusive play-based environment.


  • develop speech, language and motor skills
  • learn to share, co-operate, be responsible,     problem-solve, self-express and make decisions
  • participate in group and individual classroom activities
  • develop positive attitudes toward learning
  • develop a sense of confidence and self-esteem


  • Improved ability to socialize and play with others
  • increased independence
  • development of co-ordination skills and healthy living habits

Program Delivery

  • half day program
  • organized activities within a play-based learning environment
  • flexible instruction based on students’ needs and interests
  • supports like speech and language services, physical therapy, occupational therapy and school family liaison services



SchoolZone provides online access to regular homework assignments and class news from the students’ classroom teachers, gathered together in a convenient calendar format. Additionally, users will find attendance records, electronic versions of interim and progress reports, news of school and district events, timetables, and access to selected online educational resources. By accessing the site, parents have timely access to information and are more able to be actively involved in their child’s academic success.

Technology Integration

The teaching and learning environment at Donald R. Getty K-9 School sees the integration of software and hardware to help all students learn. At the heart of ensuring consistency and equity across all grades, subjects, and different internet devices, we are fully utilizing the Google platform so that students and teachers can access information and collaborate online.  We also utilize educational software like Read and Write For Google, Accelerated Reader, Mathletics, and a host of online digital apps. Throughout our building, you will find students using iPads, Chromebooks, iPods/iPhones, laptops, digital cameras, document cameras, EPSONboards, Google Classroom and bringing in their own devices to customize learning and ensure they have the technology skills and digital awareness that have become a vital part of being a contributing and responsible citizen.

Counselling Assistance / School Social Worker

Donald R. Getty School can refer your child to the appropriate counselling resource for students to seek out help with social, emotional, and personal concerns. Students may also obtain high school and career counselling if needed. We are also pleased to have access to a social worker through our district Inclusive Learning Team.