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BUS - Student Drop Zone

Yellow BUS Service

Yellow Bus service at this time is only for students that we have accepted to our Opportunity Program also students that we have accepted from our former overflow School Dr. Lila Falhman. 

Bus Zone area is directly in front of the Student Drop Zone.


Student DROP Zone

Additionally, parents drive, walk and bike with their children to our school. We also have a student drop zone and this is, quite simply, the safest location to allow students to disembark from your vehicles. Please observe all signage and parking patrol personnel in and around Donald R. Getty K-9 School.



Students who use ETS transportation to travel to Donald R. Getty may purchase a monthly bus pass at the school office.


Donald Getty School is served by ETS route 719, which provides fairly frequent service.

For additional information, parents can find more information on edmonton.ca/transit.


Parents may also be interested in using online trip planning tools to see how their child can get to/from school. ETS recommends the following tools:

  • The third-party Transit app, which can be downloaded for free from the Apple App and Google Play stores
  • Google Maps
  • The trip planner on edmonton.ca/Transit


Please note: route map and schedule information may be adjusted as part of ETS’ fall service changes. Information about fall service changes will be available in late August on edmonton.ca/TransitAlerts. ETS works with local school boards to ensure School Special schedules are aligned with school hours.